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  • Miner Fees

    Miner fees are paid by the sender to incentivize the bitcoin miners to include transactions in the blockchain

  • Premium Transaction Fees

    Special transactions that cost you a little extra but give you special perks.

  • Remote Commands

    Samourai Wallet is capable of receiving remote commands via SMS

  • Stealth Mode

    Stealth Mode hides the wallet on your device. It will not appear in the app launcher or home screen.

  • Payment Codes

    Payment Codes allow you to send and receive bitcoin privately using a public reusable code.

  • Trusted Node

    Samourai Wallet allows you to connect to your own self hosted bitcoin node

  • UTXO Management

    Advanced interactions with active unspent transaction outputs (utxo's) in Samourai Wallet

  • Advanced Sending

    Advanced features and sending types that give you greater control.

  • PayNyms

    Payment Nym's - What they are and how to use them.

  • Ricochet

    A premium send type that improves fungibility and frustrates Blockchain spies