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Restore your Samourai Wallet with your secret words

Your secret words are extremely important. When you combine your passphrase with your 12 secret words you get the "backup of last resort". This combination is an industry standard and can be considered a valid backup for almost all modern bitcoin wallets. 

NOTE: We highly recommend first trying to restore by automatic backup before following this guide. 

Step 1 - Install Samourai

Install Samourai Wallet from the Google Play store onto your Android device. 

Step 2 - Restore wallet

Once Samourai is installed onto your device launch the app and tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner then select Import external wallet button. 

Step 3 - Enter secret words (mnemonic)

In the box under "Mnemonic" enter your wallet's secret words. This will be 12 words.

Below the box tap "ADD BIP39 PASSWORD" to enter your wallet passphrase that you chose when you first created the wallet.

Step 4 - Create PIN code

You will now be asked to create and confirm a PIN code between 5 and 8 digits long.

If you didn't get to the PIN code creation screen then there is something wrong with your secret words. Please double check the spelling and order of the words and try again.

Step 5 - Verify

A successful restore will display the expected balance of your wallet and a complete transaction history. 

If the restore is unsuccessful a 0 balance and empty history would be displayed. 

In the case of an unsuccessful restore try the above steps again taking care to make sure the passphrase is correct.

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