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How are miner fees calculated?

Bitcoin transactions are sent to the network with an extra fee attached. This fee is paid directly to the miner who adds the transaction to a block. Miner fees are based on the size of the transaction being sent in bytes. Miner fees are not impacted by the amount of bitcoin being spent.

The fee rate is generally measured in Satoshi/byte. A Satoshi is the smallest unit of bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC). A standard bitcoin transaction is around 250 bytes. So, a standard transaction with a fee rate of 100 sat/b  would be calculated as: 

250 byte transaction * 100 satoshis = 25,000 satoshis = 0.00025000 BTC

Simply put, the more unspent outputs that are used to form a transaction, the larger the transaction will be in bytes. By default, Samourai creates larger transactions than average. You can configure Samourai to create the smallest possible transactions.

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