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Connecting to a PayNym contact


In order to create a connection you will need a small amount of bitcoin in your wallet to cover the connection fee.

You also need the Payment code you would like to connect to in either text or QR code form. This code always begins with 'PM8T'. 

Step 1 - Open the PayNyms screen

From the main screen of the wallet press the blue '+' button located on the bottom right of the screen. Tap the purple PayNyms button.

Step 2 - New connection

Tap the New contact button and select whether you want to scan the payment code from a QR code, or paste from the clipboard.

Step 3 - Add details

If the scan was successful you will see a screen with the payment code auto-filled. You may add a label to help identify who this payment code belongs to.

Step 4 - Confirm connection

Tap the check-mark icon on the right side of the toolbar to proceed to the next step.

Before the connection is made you will be asked to review the connection fee. Press Confirm to accept the fee and broadcast the connection to the bitcoin network.

If you do not have enough bitcoin in your wallet, simply deposit more bitcoin then return to the PayNym screen. You will see the payment code added to your list. Tap on it to resume the connection process.

Step 5 - Wait for blockchain confirmation

You must wait for 1 confirmation on the bitcoin blockchain before the connection is considered established. Once established you can easily send bitcoin to your new connection without asking for a bitcoin address.

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