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FAQs By Furkan

The following FAQs were put together by Samourai Telegram admin, Furkan to help answer common questions in the telegram group. 

Q: why is your wallet in alpha?

A: As soon as dojo pairing is available it will be out of alpha

Q: wtf is dojo?

A: dojo is the name of the backend that samourai uses also the name of the "red" nodl box

Q: well where can i download the wallet for ios?

A: you cant, ios is not available and wont anytime soon

Q: oh that sucks, can you tell me what whirlpool is?

A: whirlpool is the samourai implementation of coinjoin

Q: what is coinjoin?

A: its a transaction where people contribute inputs and outputs, it helps to break chain analysis tools, gives you privacy and makes the bitcoin ecosystem more fungible 

Q: you talk about post-mix and #cahoots what are those ?

A: after doing coinjoin transactions its important to not merge non-coinjoined bitcoins with coinjoined ones that's where #cahoots will help, #cahoots is the general name of the available post-mix methods that samourai has

Q: what are those post-mix methods?

A: there are 3 methods;

stonewall: its a basic transactions that looks like a mini-coinjoin in the blockchain

stonewallx2: its a real mini-coinjoin where your friend provides you inputs 

stowaway: its a special transaction which looks like a normal transaction but actually is a mini-coinjoin between you and your friend where the real transacted amount is obfuscated in the blockchain 

Q: does the ricochet feature also improves my privacy?

A: not exactly, exchanges can sometimes blacklist or "freeze" your bitcoins when they see a coinjoin in your transactions history, ricochet aims to solve these problems by putting distance between you and your exchange. there is also staggered ricochet which leaves better fingerprint and looks more realistic in the blockchain (it takes longer than the normal ricochet) its advised to use ricochet when you send bitcoin to your exchange

Q: thank you, last question is what the hell paynyms are?

A: paynym is what samourai calls it, in reality they are payment codes (BIP47) which are awesome for privacy. imagine you share an address with public and nobody can lookup the balance of it from the blockchain, you dont have to imagine you can start to use them today

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  1. digitaltrader

    I heard that each ricochet transaction shows samurai's fee address making it pretty obvious that we are using Samurai for the ricochet. It may cause chainanalys and other firms to simply add a feature that looks for these addresses; consequently flagging it as suspicious. Please comment.